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Perfecta cutting system

Perfecta cutting system





Fort Wayne, IN - Becky’s Die Cutting, Inc., continues to increase its level of service and efficiency through the addition of state-of-the-art equipment to its facility. 

Located at 701 Sherman Boulevard, in Fort Wayne, Indiana, the addition of commercial equipment will allow the family-owned business to expand its customer base, accept higher volume projects, and continue to make more long-term investments. 

Becky’s Die Cutting Vice President Chris Garrison explains, “The nature of our business is to finish what the printer starts. In order to do this, our clients have many different needs that revolve around making precise cuts through the use of dies.” 

To make these precision cuts, which is what die cutting is all about, Garrison has been studying the latest technology, so that he can accept higher volume projects but also provide leading edge, high quality work. Through his research, he found a piece of equipment that would do all of the above.“We have invested in a commercial Bobst die cutting machine that can cut up to 7,500 sheets per hour. We conducted a one-year projection that showed the machine had the potential to cut more than 14 million sheets per year on a single shift. After volume quickly exceeded that number, we had the need to import a second Bobst from Italy. By having these machines in house, it has been key to accepting higher volume projects,” he said. 

More recently, a quality finishing system was added to the company’s line of equipment. Which has improved efficiency by 30%. “A high-speed, automated guillotine cutting system is another investment that has been made,” said Garrison. “It can cut faster and more precise guillotine cuts. Then through automation, it pushes those same cumbersome heavy loads to pallets without manpower," he added.

But the finishing system takes it one step further. 

Garrison explained another benefit, “Prior to the addition of this piece of equipment, the employee would make the cut, then push the 20 pound load of paper to the edge of the cutting table, pick it up, and place it on a pallet. This continuous movement, with all the twisting and lifting can become very tiresome by early afternoon for our employees, but now the equipment does all the heavy lifting. Speeding up the process and also making it easier on the operator.”

Becky Garrison, President of Becky’s Die Cutting, said, “Prior to the equipment’s arrival, we increased our square footage with the construction of a warehouse and loading dock. Today our space is fully utilized by our equipment.” 

The abatement process has been part of the long-term business plan. “People do not realize that every time we request an abatement, that each new piece of equipment is taxed on a percentage basis for three years. With each abatement, we must go before the Fort Wayne City Council and provide information about our business plan, our payroll and the amount of growth we expect. The abatement process is an important part of our overall business plan,” explained Garrison. 

Chris Garrison, added, “By having state-of-the-art equipment ready for use, we can offer our clients a quality service that is professional, efficient and cost effective.” 

Bobst Die Cutter

Bobst Die Cutter



 With increasing demands from our clientele, it was clear another Bobst was needed. After searching domestically, the decision was made to import a machine from Italy. Now that the newest machine is on the floor and operational, precision and efficiency continue to be a staple within Becky's Die Cutting Inc..

New receiving area

New receiving area



Becky's Die Cutting,Inc. recently completed a building expansion of 3100 square foot. It includes a new shipping and receiving area along with additional warehouse space. This will increase our efficiency when dealing with customer deliveries and enable us to handle larger volumes that our customer are currently seeing.